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Ferndale Borough Council

Ferndale Borough Council holds their regular monthly meetings on the second Monday of each month at the
Ferndale Firemen's Recreation Hall, 618 Westinghouse Ave. at 7:00 P.M.

Monthly Council Meeting Minutes

Miscellaneous Documents

Council Members
Mary Rose Shaffer, President 814-288-6758mrshaf@floodcity.net
Scott Miles, Vice President 814-288-4076 council@ferndaleborough.com
Ed Dallape, Mayor 814-288-5612 dallapesr@verizon.net
Cindy Dom 814-288-3689cindydom@atlanticbb.net
Al Lushko 814-288-1104council@ferndaleborough.com
Mark Wissinger, Jr. 814-288-6062bigwiss1@hotmail.com
Vacant Position    
Vacant Position    
Wayne Langerholc, Solicitor 814-410-6140 wlangerholcjr@atlanticbb.net

Borough Contacts
MAYOR Ed Dallape 814-288-5612dallapesr@verizon.net
TAX COLLECTOR / PAYROLL Anita M. Smith 814-288-2514taxes@ferndaleborough.com
SECRETARY / TREASURER Jackie Miller 814-288-1771council@ferndaleborough.com
POLICE CHIEF James P. Rigby 814-288-4131police@ferndaleborough.com   
ROAD FOREMAN Brian McAteer 814-288-1771   streets@ferndaleborough.com
FIRE CHIEF Don Blasko 814-255-7777   28chief@westhillsfire.com
SOLICITOR Wayne Langerholc 814-410-6140wlangerholcjr@atlanticbb.net
CONSTABLE Joella & Pete Bobak 814-288-4549   
EADS GROUPMark Muir   mmuir@eadsgroup.com
EMA COORDINATOR William G. Cornell 814-659-1171   28deputy2@gmail.com
ZONING - CODES AND CONSTRUCTION Laurel Municipal Inspection Agency (formally CCBCEA -
Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency)

Chief Inspector: Ben Grush
Administrator: Barbara Frantz

fax. 814-471-6801

140 E. Carroll St. Suite 202
PO Box 375
Carrolltown, PA 15722

website: www.lmiagency.org

Important Telephone Numbers
Police - Fire - Ambulance EMERGENCY     911
Non-Emergency - Police-Fire-Ambulance     1-800-281-1680
Borough Office     814-288-1771
Borough Police Office     814-288-4131
West Hills Regional Fire Dept.
Ferndale Vol. Fire Association 814-288-3131
Borough Street Department
Borough Tax Collector     814-288-2514
Borough Office FAX     814-288-5910
Ferndale Area High School     814-288-5757


2014 - 2015 Committees
Committee Title Chairman Council Member Council Member Council Member
Finance-Business Accounts & Claims Mary Rose Shaffer Cindy Dom Mark Wissinger, Jr.
Streets - Lights - Borough Property Mark Wissinger, Jr. Scott Miles  
Sewers Sewer Project Cindy Dom Al Lushko  
Public Relations Al Lushko Mary Rose Shaffer Scott Miles
Recreation Al Lushko Mark Wissinger, Jr. Scott Miles
Police, Public Health & Safety Scott Miles Mark Wissinger, Jr. Mary Rose Shaffer
Shade Tree Scott Miles
Cindy Dom